Snowfly is a  mineral fiber ceiling tile with special stippled texture and  great performance of sound absoprtion.This is a high end tile .
  • Finish: Georgain pattern
  • Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber
  • NRC: 0.65
  • RH: 99
  • CAC: 36
  • Color: White
  • Quality Guarantee: 30 years system quality gurantee
  • Description Alland Snowfly mineral fiber ceiling tile

    AllandCeiling | Snowfly mineral fiber ceiling tile 
    GEORGIAN pattern  
    Non-direction pattern makes installation easy and saves cost  
    High light reflection  
    Great sound absportion ability  
    100% Asbestos free  
    Raw materials                        Surface finish     
    Wet-formed slag fiber                 Factory-applied vinyl paint  
    Weight  Insulation Value  
    3.40-4.50kg/m2   15mm Average R Factor-1.5 (Imperial)  
    Fire resistance 0.70-0.92lbs/SF  Factor-0.26(Metric)  
    Class A:Flame spread 25 or under ASTM E84 ASTM E1264  
    B grade:China standard Type 3Form 2,Pattern CDE  
    Class 0:Brintain standard BS476 part6&7          
    Humidity Resistance Up to RH99        
    Noise Reduction Coefficients Up to NRC 0.65        
    CAC 36        
    Light reflection 0.86        
    System Nominal size Actual size        
    Metric size 600mmx600mm 595mmx595mm        
    600mmx1200mm 595mmx1195mm        
    Imperial size 2'x2' 605mmx605mm        
    2'x4' 605mmx1215mm        
    Thickness From 12mm-20mm    
    *Plank sizes and customized sizes are avilable ,please contact us for more details.  
        *White is standard ,please consult AllandCeiling sales engineer for more choices.  
    Snowfly is a  mineral fiber ceiling tile with special GEORGIAN patterns and  great performance of sound absoprtion.
    This is a high end tile .